Tibetan Rites & Peter Kelder

How to prolong or renewe youthful look?

Peter Kelder, who wrote the story about Tibetan rites, had claimed to have met a retired British army colonel called Bradford. They became friends, and one day Colonel Bradford told him he was going to India. He wanted to find out by himself, whether there is some truth in story he heard about Tibetan Lamas who apparently had discovered a fountain of youth. This story is so remarkable, that I suggest you to read it by yourself.

To make it short: Bradford found Lamas and also lived with them for a couple of years. He practised five Tibetan yoga with them and eat what they have eaten. When he returned to the States four years later, Kelder didn't recognise him at all, because he was looking so much younger!

Click here if you want to see the book about the fountain of youth.

What can we do to prolong or renew our youthful look?

The impact of our voice: Colonel Bradford told Kelder, that just by hearing a man speak we can tell how much masculine vitality he possesses. He reminded Kelder, that old men often have shrill, piping voice. He explained that the Vortex at the base of the neck has power over the vocal cords and is also connected with a Vortex below in the sex center. By practising Tibetan rites a man also speeds up these two Vortexes.

Besides Tibetan yoga, there is also another method that works very well. It is a method in which man simply mustn't let their voice to be high, but determinately lower it. In this way man amazingly became virile again: young men prolong their virility and old men renew it.

Colonel Bradford gave more useful advice on how to stay young. An important issue is to get rid of the old men within you. Don't do the things old people do. Straighten up, throw your chest out and pull the stomach and the chin in. Increase or reduce your wight to normal. Both: too much or too little weight make you look older. Get rid of your habits, that make you an old men. Change your patterns of thinking and doing things. Colonel Bradford even gives advice how to grow back your hair!

Start practicing five Tibetans and enjoy watching you change and improve from day to day.



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